At Tallahassee’s Avant Schools of Excellence, we believe that education is the key to unlocking the potential of all scholars. It is our goal to provide a comprehensive education that prepares our scholars to be lifelong learners, leaders, and contributors to their communities.

Our approach is centered on building a strong foundation in core academic subjects while fostering creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive community that celebrates diversity, fosters respect and responsibility, and encourages excellence in all areas of life. We invite you to join us on this journey of educational excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve educational practices and provide an intensive college preparatory school for diverse student populations, particularly those that are historically underrepresented on the campuses of our nation’s higher learning institutions. We believe that education is the bridge to heights unknown.

Our Approach

As a tuition-free private school, Tallahassee’s Avant Schools of Excellence has been able to build a school specifically to meet the entire needs of our students.  We have the latitude and flexibility that is often lacking in typical public school environments.

Among the benefits we offer at Avant are:

Small Class Sizes — By limiting the number of students in each classroom and placing an emphasis on teacher assistants, Avant is able to provide our scholars with much greater supervision and support on a daily basis.  No child is lost or overlooked at Avant.

Safe & Secure Environment — From our teachers’ nurturing approach to the special security measures we undertake, such as clear, see-through backpacks and cell phone drop offs each morning, Avant creates an atmosphere where students can focus on learning and feel safe while doing so.

K-12 Population — By providing families with access to Avant learning for the entirety of a student’s school career, we are able to offer consistency and efficiency. All siblings are able to attend the same school every year.  Our teachers get to know our families at a depth and duration that doesn’t exist in traditional school settings.

Life Lessons/Character-Based Learning — In addition to our emphasis on core subjects, Avant devotes time and resources to two additional components.  Our focus on life lessons makes it possible for students to see how what they learn in school applies to the world around them.  Our priority on character-based learning helps develop our students to become fully realized individuals who are prepared become valuable contributors to our society.  Collectively, these two components prepare Avant students to be successful adults.